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Entry Requirements

Applications to the HES engineering programmes, for which places are limited, are welcomed from prospective students with various qualifications.

In some cases, prospective students may be asked to follow an additional preparatory course in the weeks preceding the start of the programme.

Holders of a Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (CFC - certificat fédéral de capacité)

  • relevant to the chosen programme, and a federal vocational baccalaureate (in the fields of engineering, architecture or life sciences, but also in other fields).
  • relevant to the chosen programme and of a technical higher education institute diploma (diplôme de technicien ES) or qualification deemed to be equivalent.
  • non-relevant to the chosen programme, along with certification of a year of industrial experience and a year of vocational knowledge (ACP).

Holders of a non-vocational baccalaureate (maturité académique / gymnasiale) or qualification deemed to be equivalent

Holders of a French Qualification

  • BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur - higher technical certificate) or a DUT (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie - technological university diploma): admission to first year.

Other Qualifications

Applications from prospective students with other qualifications (from Switzerland or abroad) and specific cases will be considered by the School’s management. An entrance examination or an additional preparatory course may be required.



Enrol now


Start of next programme:
21 September 2021

Deadlines for enrolments:
31 May 2021 (applicants resident in Switzerland and the European Union) – then, admission is possible depending on the available places
31 March 2021 (applicants resident in other countries)


Application fee : 150 CHF
Tuition fee : 500 CHF / semester

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Registration Manager:
Jean-Claude Vuilleumier
+41 32 930 14 37

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