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Lean and Industrial Processes

To increase productivity and achieve greater flexibility, to develop innovative business models and generate margins whilst adapting to changes taking place in society, companies need to integrate new technologies, mainly in the field of digitalization.

Lean asserts itself as a prerequisite of Industry 4.0. Digitalization allows the display of real-time information to the right people and places. Our goal is to help you bring out your real needs, support you in setting up effective processes, from design to production, while involving everyone.

Confidentiality is essential in our training activities as in those of coaching.

Our group also has expertise in additive manufacturing processes.


  • Performance Analysis: in order to meet customer needs, it is essential to define relevant indicators to drive production efficiently and to visually identify all gaps at all levels of the company.
  • Advice and coaching in continuous improvement: in order to sustain change, it is essential to involve all staff in the process of continuous improvement, as well as to promote personal development and collective intelligence.
  • Continuous training on lean tools: as part of the Agile Academy, our training modules are based on real-life scenarios to master the tools of lean, while giving a global understanding to build connections between different services of the company.
  • Additive manufacturing: we have expertise in the control of metal additive processes, including selective laser melting (SLM). We also work at the development of new materials and new applications, and we study suitable finishing techniques (surface treatment). The combination of additive and subtractive (machining) processes is also one of our areas of research.

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Industrial Engineering

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