Medical Devices

Our MedTech activities are focussed on the interdisciplinary product development of low-power medical devices, including innovative e-Health technologies.​

Given our long experience in microsystems technologies, we are also able to develop sensors, actuators and MEMS, related or not to the medical field.

Our activities include the combination of diagnostics and therapeutic microsystems for personalized, predictive and preventive medicine, smart implants, computer- assisted medical devices, as well as the development of systems for ambient assisted living for a successful ageing.


  • Development of smart medical devices, implantable and non-implantable, and also surgical instruments.
  • Biocompatible packaging of medical devices and realization of channels, membranes and fluidic systems.
  • Laser technology, ablative and additive, nano and femtosecond (three wavelengths).
  • Plasma technology: surface deposition, etching and functionalization.
  • Non-woven fabrics: creation of fibers and membranes by electrospinning, with various materials that can be biocompatible, biodegradable, permanent or other.
  • Flexible devices for energy harvesting through the heat and the movement of the human body.

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Group Leader:
Philippe Potty
+41 32 930 26 22

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Microtechnologies and Electronics

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