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Micro & Nano-Systems

Active in the research and development of micro and nanotechnologies, our expertise covers a range of fields: biomedical, sensors and actuators, MEMS, watchmaking and electronics.​

The technologies we employ are photolithography, laser and plasma micro-structuring, polymer on liquid deposition (parylene, PDMS) and its application in fields such as micro and nanofluidics, variable focus lenses and membranes.

We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to innovation and project implementation.


  • Laser technology, ablative and additive, nano and femtosecond (three wavelengths): materials machining with micrometric precision, with minimum modification of the material.
  • Plasma technology: surface deposition, etching and functionalization, with specific expertise in the application of atmospheric pressure cold plasma.
  • Parylene technology: polymer on liquid packaging and coating applications, creation of channels, membranes and fluidic systems.
  • Fluid technology for the biomedical sector.
  • Creation of flexible devices: conversion of human body heat into electricity. These innovative thermoelectric generators are based on the properties of ionic liquids.

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Eplatures-Grise 17
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
T +41 32 930 15 55
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Group Leader:
Dr Herbert Keppner
+41 32 930 13 64

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Microtechnologies and Electronics

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