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User-Centered Product Design

Product design has become an essential scientific field in engineering. Companies that do not innovate die. But technological and industrial innovation is only part of the answer.

Business success is dependent on customers. And the fact is that markets and users evolve; their needs, intentions and aspirations change. It is therefore necessary to develop a design approach that focuses on users and contexts of use in order to effectively innovate on a sustainable basis. To address this challenge, our group draws on expertise in the fields of design engineering, design, anthropotechnology and ergonomics, and offers product realization by prototyping in order to validate the acceptability by the customers and the industrial feasibility.


  • Product design: applying methodologies such as functional analysis, value analysis, and also expertise in in FEM analysis and plastic injection simulation within a user-focused design approach.
  • Rapid prototyping and realistic renderings: using new communication and production methods (sketch and digital models, 3D printing prototypes) to quickly implement the concepts produced in a collaborative process while integrating the various stakeholders in the product lifecycle.
  • Trend monitoring and analysis: identifying social, technological, commercial and aesthetic trends, and formulating innovation proposals that reflect the actual needs of individuals, markets and companies.
  • Ethnographic studies: prior to project launch, understanding the actual expectations, the ways of thinking and behaving of the future users of the product in specific contexts.  
  • Ergonomics studies: observing, analysing and measuring the activity of users with existing products, identifying what makes interfaces intuitive and effective. 

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Julien Roland
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Ergonomics and Design

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