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Watch and Precision Engineering

Our main objective is to provide innovative solutions relating to the design, industrial production and analysis of watchmaking products.

From the product design stage and on the basis of specific needs, we incorporate production, metrology and assembly aspects.


  • Watch design and simulation, tests and development of testing equipment, clock and watch acoustics and vibration characterisation of components.
  • Design and production of complication models, casing design and prototyping.
  • Development of components for electronic movements and smartwatches.
  • Analysis and optimisation of production processes, with vibration characterisation of equipment.
  • Specific expertise in watchmaking techniques: press-fitting, screwing, machining of precious metals.

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Pôle horloger
Avenue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville 7
2400 Le Locle
T +41 32 930 13 27
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Group Leader:
Dr Jean-Daniel Lüthi
+41 32 930 22 77

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Watchmaking Engineering

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