2019 — 2021
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Blockchain-based IoT-Platform for Smart Supply Chains

Context and challenges

CircularBlock (#CB) is an innovation project that aims at enabling highly secure, automated, smart monitoring, transaction and auditing processes for critical assets (time-limited, fragile, high-value or hazardous) across the entire lifecycle.

#CB follows a unique approach combining:

1. Seamless Tracking & Tracing

  • full transparency in all phases of the asset lifecycle
  • automated event detection and quicker responses to critical events

2. Smart Transactions

  • instantaneous verification and fraud protection
  • automatized payments; reduced transaction efforts/costs

#CB is enabled by state-of-the-art technologies that are integrated in an easy-to-use, peer-to-peer platform that is:

  • modular, easy-to-integrate tracking devices (advanced sensors)
  • wireless communication (IoT-networking, 5G)
  • complex event detection (advanced analytics)
  • automated, trackable and irreversible transactions, e.g. pay-by-use (Smart Contracts)
  • advanced encryption (Blockchain)

#CB aims to overcome current limitations of existing supply chain solutions, especially for SMEs:

  • limited transparency along the asset lifecycle (e.g. OEM has no information about the clients of its distributors) -> entire lifecycle more transparent and better manageable
  • potential to integrate advanced analytics not exploited -> predictive supply chain
  • potential to enable new business models not exploited -> pay-by-use + proactive delivery
  • poor acceptance due to complexity and high integration effort of current systems -> plug&play, ultra-low infrastructure req.

#CB is tested and validated with relevant industrial stakeholders to set new guidelines for worldwide implementation of trustworthy monitoring and auditing processes.


Developing an easy-to-use, peer-to-peer platform for smart monitoring, transactions and auditing of critical assets. The platform suits the needs of SMEs and allows to create value-adding services on top of an existing product portfolio – moving increasingly to customer-oriented value creation.

Partners and funding

Switzerland Innovation Park (Biel/Bienne)
Inselspital University Hospital (Bern)
Blaser SwissLube AG (Rüegsau)
InoTex AG (Bern)
Swissgenetics (Zollikofen)
See Your Box Sàrl (Renens)

Funded by InnoSuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency


The project developed a blockchain based Hyperledger platform that uses RFID tags to monitor and track items related to several use cases:

  • Monitor clean and dirty clothes washed and rented by Elis
  • Monitor the containers with lubricants produced by Blaser Swisslube
  • Monitor the containers with high quality semen produced by Swissgenetics
Architecture of Circular Block system
Use case of Elis – monitoring the lifecycle of the rented clean clothes and collecting the dirty clothes
Blockchain Scheme – how information is stored on the Hyperledger Fabric – use case of Elis


G. Griesser, J. D Costa, N. Marina, and N. Ouerhani, Circular Block #CB Blockchain-based IoT-Platform for Smart Supply Chains, poster, Swiss Cyber Security Days 2021, February 2021.

Project Manager