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Image Processing & Computer Graphics

Working closely with our industrial and academic partners, we develop solutions dedicated to image in the broadest sense of the term.​

Firstly, we grasp the real world, with image acquisition, analysis and processing, applied in particular to augmented reality; secondly, we create 3D images (computer graphics) with tools such as virtual reality and Serious Games.

We develop innovative prototypes that can be produced on an industrial scale and marketed.


  • Computer graphics: development of 3D applications adapted to user needs, both 3D real-time Web-type via WebGL and multi-platform software with Unity.
  • Image acquisition, processing and analysis: event detection, object recognition within images, video sequences. These images can come from a large variety of sources including thermal or 3D cameras.
  • Virtual reality: working closely with our academic partners, we conduct immersive projects which maximise the user experience.
  • Augmented reality: integration of virtual elements in the real environment for industrial (maintenance operations) and health (phantom pain treatment) applications.
  • Serious Games: application of game concepts to address societal, industrial and medical challenges.

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Parc technologique de St-Imier
Rue de la Serre 7
2610 St-Imier
T +41 32 930 22 14
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Group Leader ad interim:
Didier Rizzotti
+41 32 930 22 09

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Software Engineering

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