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Interaction Technologies

We provide expertise in the design, development and validation of web and mobile man-machine interaction solutions.

By placing users and their needs at the heart of our approach and exploiting modern technologies, we deliver interactive, ubiquitous, customised, adaptive, reliable, secure and context-based solutions.


  • User Centered Design : for software development, we incorporate users in an agile approach, in order to understand, characterise and model their needs and context. Validation of solutions is based on user experience.
  • Web and mobile applications : from front-end to back-end, we use web and mobile technologies and frameworks to develop multi-platform interactive solutions, employing advanced concepts such as service-oriented architectures, the Internet of Things, etc.
  • Natural User Interface : design and development of context-based interactive solutions with no tangible interfaces, exploiting the user's natural movements and physiological signals, and incorporating connected and smart objects and environments.
  • Multimodal interaction: improving user experience by providing various simultaneous and combined channels of interaction, such as visual, audio, haptic and movement-based technologies.
  • Reliability and security of applications and communications, as well as data security (confidentiality and integrity) and transaction security, while using distributed security concepts such as Blockchain.

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Parc technologique de St-Imier
Rue de la Serre 7
2610 St-Imier
T +41 32 930 22 14
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Group Leader:
Dr Nabil Ouerhani
+41 32 930 22 08

Associated Bachelor Degree

Software Engineering

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