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Master of Science in Business Administration – Major in Business in Eurasia

The “Eurasian” economic area, made up of Russian-speaking markets, Korea and China, among others, represents significant growth potential for both Swiss and foreign companies.

The major in “Business in Eurasia” of the Master of Science in Business Administration (MSc BA) provides students with the specific knowledge and skills needed for the export, establishment and development of Swiss companies in Eurasia.

Target group

The MSc BA enables students to broaden and complete their management skills acquired during the Bachelor program, while specializing in the export, establishment and development of Swiss companies in Eurasia.


In this Major, students learn to:

  • Analyze the development potential of Swiss and foreign companies in the Eurasian market
  • Formulate a development strategy for Swiss or foreign companies taking into account the resources available to them and the specific socio-economic, political and cultural context of the target market
  • Master the main specificities of the Eurasian markets, particularly Korea, China and Russian-speaking Area (Caucasian and Central Asian countries), in terms of the legal framework, supply chain and business digitalization
  • Implement relevant intercultural management and communicate effectively in Business English
  • Master the basics of Mandarin or Russian for initial contacts with business partners.


  • A program taught entirely in English, achievable on a part-time basis
  • A team of professors specializing in Eurasian markets
  • Modules and projects carried out in Neuchâtel, Seoul and Baku (block course)
  • Russian or Mandarin lessons
  • Concrete projects for real companies
  • The possibility of completing the Master’s thesis in Switzerland or Eurasia.
Intercultural management and economic understanding of Eurasian countries are essential skills to develop activities abroad. This major in Business in Eurasia allows us to adopt an adequate posture to adapt to all types of interlocutors and to promote cohesion in cultural differences.
Nicolas J.-M.
Student – MSc BA, Business in Eurasia

Title delivered

Master of Science HES-SO en Business Administration, Orientation Business in Eurasia

Procedure and place

The program consists of four part-time semesters, given in English.

The major courses are taught on the premises of the HEG Arc, near Neuchâtel station (the common core courses are run at HES-SO Master in Lausanne). Two block courses will take place in Eurasia (each lasting two weeks), one in Seoul, the other in Baku.

Admission requirements

The following candidates will be admitted to the MSc BA unconditionally:

  • Holders of a HES Bachelor in the field of Economy and Services
  • Holders of a Bachelor degree issued by a Swiss university in the field of Economics and Management, who have at least one year’s experience in the field of Economics and Management.

All other cases are subject to review from the Admissions team.

Cost & Registration Deadline

CHF 500.- per semester (study tax)

CHF 250.- per semester (contribution to study costs)

CHF 150.- (registration fee)

Part of the flight costs for the two block courses (CHF 650 in total) will be covered by the students.

Registration Deadline : 30th April



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