Equality & Diversity

The Haute Ecole Arc is attentive to equal opportunities. It participates in the system of (inter)cantonal respondents whose primary task is to coordinate the equal opportunities policy within the HES-SO. Through incentive projects, targeted communication and awareness-raising actions.


The Equal Opportunities Scheme works, among other objectives, to:

  • integrate the principles of equality into the structures of the HE-Arc and the HES-SO
  • increase the number of female staff (teachers and researchers) and ensure equal opportunities in recruitment procedures
  • create a favourable environment for the reconciliation of work and family tasks
  • develop the gender skills of the teaching staff
  • support gender studies, raise awareness of cultural diversity issues among staff and students
  • implement disability-related measures and, more directly, for the institution’s students
  • increase the proportion of female students in study programmes without equitable representation, by targeted recruitment of the under-represented gender
  • provide support for trainees in under-represented fields of study
  • promote the reconciliation of training and family life
  • encourage women to undertake and pursue a professional career.
Ludmila Schindelholz
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