As a University of Applied Sciences, the HE-Arc is aware of its social responsibility, particularly in terms of sustainability. The HE-Arc approaches this issue in a multidisciplinary manner and wishes to contribute to a transition towards a world capable of regenerating itself, without prejudicing future generations. The HE-Arc wishes to raise awareness of sustainability issues among its staff and students, to enrich the debate (not conclude it) and to propose solutions through its training and applied research and development activities.

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The participation of students, teachers and administrative and technical staff is a fundamental part of the Haute Ecole Arc’s sustainability approach.
The priority fields of action are :

  • integrating sustainable development concepts into teaching, R&D and service delivery activities.
  • to allow everyone to be an actor in the process.
  • manage energy efficiently.
The Creux-du-Van, located in the canton of Neuchâtel.


The major impact of a university is students’ training on the subject of sustainability. To this end, teachers are given the opportunity to learn about the concept of sustainable development. Didactic methods for integrating sustainable development are proposed. Thus, teachers are encouraged to enrich and adapt their teaching programmes to the environmental issues of the professions taught.

Education and aR&D


The Haute Ecole Arc also contributes to sustainability through its applied research activities and services in the fields of economy, industry, heritage conservation and health.


The HE-Arc is committed to working with students on a number of actions.

An overview of possible actions is available on the HES-SO sustainability platform.

Taking action: an idea to promote ecological transition?

Call for projects

Several times a year, the Haute Ecole Arc supports the submission of projects proposed by U-change and the HES-SO sustainability platform .


Reducing emissions

The Haute Ecole Arc lives in a sustainable environment through its location and infrastructure. The main campuses are located in the immediate vicinity of the Neuchâtel and Delémont train stations and the premises were built according to the most demanding standards in terms of sustainable construction: geothermal heating, green roofs, intelligent management of closures according to climatic conditions, rainwater recovery, photovoltaic
panels, waste sorting, economical management of IT infrastructure. Sustainable catering is also available in Neuchâtel with our partner

 Feel Eat.

Didier Folzer
Quality, International Affairs and Sustainability Mgr.
+41 32 930 11 05
Delphine Quiquerez
Administrative Assistant for Sustainability
+41 32 930 11 31