Master of Science Innokick

The Master of Science HES-SO in Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development (Innokick) enables you to acquire the interdisciplinary skills needed to create and market innovative products and services.


The Master’s degree trains innovative, agile and active managers in their professional environment, creative in their proposals and capable of responding to the societal and technological challenges of today’s world.

The Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie actively participates in this program, organized by the HES-SO with its member schools.


The program consists of 12 theoretical and practical modules, built around major themes such as ideation, concept, development or implementation.

Afterwards, the students participate in a Summer Academy.

The course ends with the completion of a Master’s thesis.

Degree Awarded

Master of Science HES-SO in Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development

Duration and Organization of Studies

Duration of studies

Full-time: 3 or 4 semesters (the master’s thesis can be completed over 2 semesters on a part-time basis)
part-time: 5 semesters


Les Ateliers de Renens


Registration deadlines

30 April
15 February for those requiring a visa


150 CHF – Registration
500 CHF – Tuition (per semester)
250 CHF – Study expenses (per semester)
350 CHF – Participation in the Summer Academy


The Master of Science Innokick will eventually open up prospects for management positions, particularly in the following fields and occupations :

  • innovation project manager
  • R&D project manager
  • innovation management consultant
  • business and service creation and development
  • communications or marketing department
  • product manager, brand manager.


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