Business Management

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Law

Business lawyers (with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Law) are able to work in a multidisciplinary environment, easily integrating any type of professional position combining legal and economic skills.

The course

The programme responds to market demands for graduates with diversified and specialised knowledge, with dual competences: business lawyers.

Targeting the business world, the course focuses on the financial sector for the economic aspect and on business law for the legal aspect.

The Degree in Business Law also has an international orientation, notably through the development of language skills with courses in German and English, both legal and commercial, and with courses in international law. Law courses are also taught in German and English to enable students to better integrate German and English legal concepts and common law principles.

Core knowledge and skills are further developed in the final year in targeted areas with the course’s main options, such as; fighting economic crime, auditing and taxation, banking and insurance.

A three-week legal internship in a company and a Bachelor’s thesis are carried out in the final year of the course.

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Composed of three fields – Law (50%), Economics (35%) and Communication (15%), the Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Law offers multidisciplinary education combining theory and practice.

Title issued

An HES-SO Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Law (BSc)

Study duration and organisation

Business Law studies last three years full time or four years part time, including the Bachelor’s Degree thesis.

The part-time course is given two full days per week.  A professional activity of 60% maximum can therefore be carried out in parallel, however, there is no requirement for this activity.

The education venue is Neuchâtel and the language of instruction is French.

Detailed information concerning the course organisation is available on the French version of the website.

Study fees

The annual registration and tuition fees are identical for all universities of management in the French-speaking part of Switzerland:

  • A one-off registration fee of CHF 150 is charged   
  • The tuition fee is CHF 500 per semester, not including course materials


To gain access to these studies, candidates need to meet two prerequisites, one theoretical and the other practical, therefore two chronologies are possible:

  • A preliminary practical part followed by a theoretical part
  • A theoretical component followed by a year’s professional practice at 100% in the field of management and/or law

Due to the courses being taught in French, a good level of language skills is required. Detailed admission requirements are available on the French version of the website.


The Business Law graduates are able to work in a multidisciplinary environment. They easily integrate any type of professional position combining legal and economic skills, for example consulting, auditing, tax consulting or management positions.

They are versatile executives, familiar with economic rules and the subtleties of business law, familiar with modern management tools and able to apply the methods acquired during their studies to solve concrete problems. They know how to adapt to change, how to manage projects, how to work in a team and how to hold positions of responsibility.

This professional diploma gives access to the world of work, as well as to further studies at a Master’s Degree level.



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