St-Imier training and research site

The building of the Parc Technologique de St-Imier (PTSI) is ideally located close to the Jura Arc companies, with which the third-year students and the Haute Ecole Arc Engineering researches collaborate with on a daily basis.

The HE-Arc Engineering serves an industry that is unique in the world, developing directly applicable and applied research and are always in direct contact with the regional economic and industrial fabric.
The results of this research constantly influence the teaching at HE-Arc Engineering.
Through its training and research, it offers its partners a real technological monitoring platform for their innovations and developments.

St-Imier training and research site

The St-Imier site has several classrooms, practical rooms and a clean room equipped with state-of-the-art measuring equipment. The site also has other infrastructure, such as :

  • Preparation and plastics workshops
  • A dedicated library
  • Catering areas with microwaves and a large terrace
  • Workrooms equipped with computers
  • Reprographic facilities
  • Selective waste sorting points
  • Solar panels providing energy for the building
  • Outdoor parking
  • Changing rooms with showers
  • There is an electronic and payment solution and access system which is managed through the personal badge held by each student and staff member of the school.
Covering 3500 square metres, the PTSI houses seven competence groups directly linked to the industrial needs of the Jura Arc.

Renovated in 2020, the building on the St-Imier site houses seven of the twelve skill groups in the Engineering sector:

The PTSI also houses the Tornos Research Center, ARCM and the MicroLean Lab.

Haute Ecole Arc
Rue de la Serre 7
2610 St-Imier
+41 32 930 22 14