Production Equipment Design

Society is changing, and so is the production equipment. Digitalization and Industry 4.0, societal and environmental issues are major challenges. To overcome these challenges, we propose the design of efficient, sustainable, autonomous and connected production equipment, while capitalizing on know-how.


Our three core competencies cover the current needs for efficient design of production equipment. We are able to design, build, characterize and digitize production equipment to make it efficient and sustainable, autonomous and connected.

Design of efficient and durable machine structures. Simulations of sub-assemblies and products for validation. Analysis of industrial sobriety. Technical implementation.

Analysis of the data of the production equipment in order to optimize the parameters, to accelerate the start-ups, to increase the lifespan of the tools and the components.

Creation of digital clones to analyze and increase the efficiency and performance of production equipment. Capitalization of know-how and translation into logical systems that can be implemented in a faithful behavioral digital twin. Autonomization of the digital chain from CAD to production.



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