Bachelor in Computer Science and Communication Systems

Designed for a constantly evolving field, the Computer Science and Communication Systems program trains engineers specializing in software, data, electronics and embedded systems.


Whether it is the electronics, Internet of Things, Big Data or artificial intelligence, you specialize in digital technologies that play a major role in the many economic sectors facing the digital transition.


Software Engineering Major

The rapid technological advancement of the 21st century is responsible for the omnipresence of digital in our lives. And the reverse is also true!

As a software engineer, you design and develop complex, reliable and high-performance applications on various platforms (desktop, web, mobile and cloud).

You master the software design process, as well as the relevant programming languages, in areas such as image processing, application development, 3D animation or machine learning.

Data Engineering Major

The importance of data to a company’s strategy and objectives increases proportionally with its volume and complexity.

As a data engineer, you master the entire chain of managing very large amounts of data (Big Data): collection, transport, processing, storage and the process of innovation and valorisation.

You design and develop IT products and services in areas such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, data mining and high-performance computing.

Embedded Software Major

Electronics and embedded systems are at the center of innovation and research, providing many industrial and entrepreneurial opportunities.

As an Embedded Software Engineer, you master the technologies related to electronic development, mobile and technical computing, operating systems and embedded software in general, programmable logic circuits and microcontrollers.

You interface different electronic systems for various applications where constraints are strong (environment, consumption, size, performance, costs etc.) and dedicated to fields ranging from personalized medicine to robotics, including drones and autonomous cars.

Embedded Software – Trinational Program

Together with two French and German universities, we offer a Trinational program in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, which takes place in all three countries.

The content of this Trinational program is similar to that of the Embedded Software one.


16%Engineering sciences
13%Multidisciplinary projects
8%Humanities and society
36%Information technology
27%Software Engineering or
Data Engineering or
Embedded Software
Teaching areas

Software Engineering

You are dedicated to software development on various platforms: desktop, web, mobile and cloud.

Data Engineering

You master the complete chain of digital data management and the main modern approaches to artificial intelligence.

Embedded Software

You work more on hardware and specialize in the development of electronic, embedded or automated systems.

Student Projects

Projects Videos


During the Computer Science and Communication Systems program, students develop skills in the IT field and understand its impact on society in general.

In addition to technical skills, the linguistic and cultural skills acquired during the Trinational program are seen as a major asset by employers.

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Computer Science and Communication Systems, mentioning the chosen major

The Trinational Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing awards two other diplomas: the French Bachelor of Technology and the German Bachelor of Engineering.

Duration and Organization of Studies

The Bachelor’s degree program lasts for three years on a full-time basis (including the Bachelor’s thesis), with a common core in the first year and a separation by major from the second year onwards.

Teaching Locations

Level 1: Neuchâtel or Delémont (choice of location)
Level 2: Neuchâtel
Level 3: Neuchâtel and Saint-Imier (1 or 2 days per week). The Saint-Imier Technology Park offers exceptional advantages for computer science students, with spacious laboratories equipped with modern equipment. In an inspiring atmosphere alongside passionate researchers and in partnership with industry, these labs are ideally located just 10 minutes from the train station, making daily commuting easy.

The Trinational program lasts for three and a half years:

  • 1st year at the University Institute of Technology in Haguenau (France)
  • 2nd year at the Hochschule Offenburg (Germany)
  • 3rd year at the Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie (Switzerland)
  • 7th semester at the Hochschule Offenburg (Germany)


Registration deadlines

31 May (Swiss and EU residents) – thereafter, admission is possible depending on the number of places available
31 March (non-Swiss and non-EU residents)


150 CHF – Registration
500 CHF – Tuition (per semester)


The Computer Science and Communication Systems program is in close relationship with the professional world, guaranteeing employability in the engineering, development and implementation of electronic and computer systems, in various fields, such as industry, finance, administration or wholesale and retail trade.

After completing this Bachelor’s program, you can also enrol in a Master’s program.

Software Engineering

Possible occupations:

  • design high-performance and reliable software architectures
  • develop multiplatform computer applications (desktop, web, mobile and cloud)
  • secure applications and software architectures
  • manage software projects
  • manage the commercial aspects (sales, marketing, promotion) of IT products and services

Data Engineering

Possible occupations:

  • design and develop intelligent IT solutions to the problems of processing and using large amounts of data
  • design and develop IT solutions capable of storing and processing large amounts of data
  • implement and use data processing and analytics methods
  • set up and operate big data infrastructures
  • manage development projects
  • manage the commercial aspects (sales, marketing, promotion) of digital data

Embedded Software

Possible occupations:

  • design electronic circuits and embedded solutions respecting physical constraints
  • develop applications using embedded operating systems
  • create embedded communication applications
  • build sensor networks for the Internet of Things (IoT)


Education Manager:
David Grunenwald
+41 32 930 22 54

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