Collaboration And Funding

There are different possibilities of collaboration with the research teams of HE-Arc Engineering.

Specific Projects

These projects vary according to your expectations, your deadlines and your budget and can be carried out with our students, our engineers and our professors.

Well-suited to exploratory projects and feasibility studies of new ideas, the Bachelor’s thesis lasts two months, from mid-May to mid-July, and the Master’s thesis six months, from September to February.

They are free of charge for the companies, which benefit from the ownership of the results created by the student. However, these results may be made public, while respecting the confidentiality of the information provided by the company.

At the end of the project, the company will have the possibility, if it wishes, to demand the confidentiality of the results, for a cost of 3000 francs.

Standard contract – confidential results

Standard contract – public results

Submit a Bachelor’s thesis project

Examples of Bachelor’s thesis

These mandates are particularly desirable for projects that address specific, short-term needs or problems. They are carried out within our research groups by our interdisciplinary teams of professional engineers and researchers.

Expertise, great reactivity, strict confidentiality, complete intellectual property on the results.

Cost according to offer per deliverable, if necessary, in successive stages, or contracted work.

From a partnership perspective, these projects are an excellent way to benefit from significant joint public funding, which can be allocated by the cantons (NPR projects), the Confederation (Innosuisse projects), or even by the European Union, for strategic projects with high innovative potential.

Typically lasting 12 to 24 months, they are carried out by our professional engineers and researchers.

We set up the project and write the application, with targeted input from you.

Low direct cost but in-kind contribution required (man-hours or materials). Intellectual property and exclusivity in a reserved area of application.

Examples of research projects

Through occasional services, you can have quick and easy access to all our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in many areas. Costs according to our hourly rates.

Examples of services

On request, we can organize specific training courses by our experts, with access to our laboratories.

Our continuing education trainings

Our Innovation Labs

  • Advice on innovation, project set-up and financing methods
  • Assistance in finding third party partners, academic or private
  • Distribution of job offers to our graduates
  • Seminars on our strategic areas of activity

Framework Contract

Intended for our privileged partners with a view to long-term collaboration (minimum 3 years), the framework contract optimizes the management of structured projects, project portfolios or ongoing services on an annual basis. In addition to simplifying the administrative management and the rapid setup of new projects, this mode of collaboration offers great agility and allows a strong link between our teams and our partners.

The framework contract also provides for various additional services, such as recruitment assistance, preferential access to the school’s intellectual property, occasional consulting or innovation advice.

The framework contract is based on fixed annual funding of between CHF 50,000 and 250,000, to which corresponds an equivalent pre-allocation of resources of our research groups. Project management, set-up and monitoring procedures are defined on a case-by-case basis with our partners according to their specific needs.

Talent Incubator and Technology Transfer

If you are looking for young talent, experienced personnel or if you want to optimize the technology transfer following a development project, we can implement a whole range of support measures.

We can help you select a young graduate, either after graduation or as part of his or her Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

We can hire a candidate to join our team working on a project in collaboration with you, with the prospect, but without obligation, of a future commitment on your part.

We can also make various arrangements to facilitate the transfer, such as additional training or time in the company.

These planned recruitments carried out within the framework of a development project are the best way to achieve an effective technology transfer and a real appropriation of the results by our partners.


It is not uncommon for sponsors to support fundamental research in order to promote the creation of long-term knowledge. But applied research, which aims to put this knowledge into action in the short or medium term, also deserves recognition and support.

We gladly accept any private support for our approach, which is at the direct service of our local economy and industry.

This support will stimulate the emergence of new product-oriented ideas or rapidly applicable processes, contribute to the attractiveness of technical and scientific professions for young people, and support the industrial dynamics of our regions in the long term.

You will thus benefit from a right of first refusal on the intellectual property generated and you will be able to participate in the definition of our strategic development axes.

Partnerships and Valorisation Manager:
Max Monti
+ 41 32 930 22 67