Bachelor’s Thesis at HE-Arc Engineering

HE-Arc Engineering offers four different Bachelor’s Degrees. Each degree offers majors that define the specialization of the students.

During the 6th semester, students complete a Bachelor’s thesis, which may take place on one of the HE-Arc Engineering sites (Neuchâtel, Saint-Imier, Le Locle or La Chaux-de-Fonds) or within the client company.

Conditions of the Bachelor’s thesis

  • Number of hours dedicated to the Bachelor’s thesis : 450
  • Time period / duration :
    • Computer Science and Communication Systems, Industrial Design Engineering: from February to July, one day weekly during the first 10 weeks, then 10 weeks full-time. 
    • Microengineering : from May to July, full-time during 12 weeks.
  • Bachelor’s thesis report submission : end of July 
  • The possible costs of specific material are at the charge of the company and a contribution of 3000 CHF to the administrative costs and management of intellectual property is requested in case of confidential project.

Standard contract – confidential results

Standard contract – publishable results

Possibility of combining a Bachelor’s thesis with an internship (6 months)

It is possible to include the Bachelor’s thesis in a longer internship in your company. If you are interested, please check the corresponding box below and we will inform you of the specific conditions.

Integrative semester in Industrial Engineering and Management:

  • Time period / duration : from February to July, full-time during 22 weeks.
  • Bachelor’s thesis report submission : end of July

Procedure for submitting a Bachelor’s thesis

1. The company submits a project with a brief description before mid-December.

2. The different projects are presented to the students who express their preference (we cannot guarantee that all the proposed projects will lead to a Bachelor’s thesis).

3. If the project is selected, the company will provide detailed specifications that will allow the objectives of the Bachelor’s thesis to be set.

We do not guarantee the results of Bachelor’s theses done by students; in case the results must be guaranteed, we recommend that you entrust a mandate to one of our research groups.

Submission form for a Bachelor’s thesis at HE-Arc Engineering

Deadline : mid-December

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Industrial Design Engineering

Yannick Ebiner :
Head of Ergonomics and Design Major

Christophe Varidel :
Head of Mechanical System Design Major


Jean-Daniel Lüthi :
Head of Watchmaking Engineering Major

Philippe Potty :  
Head of Biomedical Engineering Major (Microtechnologies and Electronics)

Industrial Engineering and Management

Jean-Marc Buforn :
Head of Industrial Process Engineering Major

Computer Science and Communication Systems

Marcelo Pasin :
Head of Software Engineering Major

Stefano Carrino :
Head of Data Engineering Major

Serge Monnerat :
Head of Embedded Software Major