Metrology And Industrial Vision

In order to meet industrial needs in terms of quality control, the mastery of measurement techniques has become a necessity, particularly due to increasingly severe dimensional tolerances. Moreover, the automation and predictive maintenance of production equipment require the development of advanced and intelligent sensors.


Our group aims to provide you with innovative metrology and inspection solutions based on applied research and provide services based on cutting-edge measurement instruments, such as tomography.

The mastery of vision and image analysis in the industrial environment allows us to meet the needs for machine intelligence, process flexibility and traceability in production.

Dimensional measurements with micrometric precision, by mechanical probing, microscopic techniques or X-ray tomography.

Development of automated vision systems for production lines, ensuring dimensional and aesthetic quality control. Our skills in vision, software and optical design allow us to develop from A to Z quality control solutions based on industrial vision.

Expertise in capability analysis of checking fixtures, statistical process control, experimental designs, as well product-related standards.

Development of advanced optical sensors and measurement systems, such as fiber optic sensors, interferometric systems and three-dimensional vision systems.



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Group Leader:
Dr Yves Salvadé
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