In close collaboration with our industrial and academic partners, we develop solutions dedicated to the image in the broadest sense of the term.


First, we grasp the real world, with the acquisition, analysis and processing of images; on the other hand, we create 3D images (computer graphics). The mastery of these different aspects of the image allows us to deal with various problems using augmented reality, virtual reality or Serious Games.

We develop innovative prototypes that can be produced on an industrial scale and marketed.

Development of 3D applications adapted to users’ needs, both real-time 3D Web applications via WebGL and cross-platform software with Unity.

Event detection, object recognition within images or video sequences. These images can come from a wide variety of sources including thermal or 3D cameras.

We conduct immersive projects which maximize the user experience, in close collaboration with our academic partners.

Integration of virtual elements in the real environment for industrial (maintenance operations) or health (phantom pain treatment) applications.

Application of game concepts to address societal, industrial and medical challenges.



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Group Leader:
François Tièche
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