Interaction Technologies

We support you in the design, development and validation of digital solutions related to human-machine, human-robot and machine-machine interactions.


By placing users and their needs at the heart of our approach and relying on modern technologies, we support companies in the Jura Arc in the implementation of their digitalization strategies through the realization of interactive, ubiquitous, customized, adaptive, reliable and secure digital solutions.

The digital transformation that is affecting all economic sectors is generating a huge need in terms of developing software applications for end users who are increasingly “digital natives”. Our group’s main objective is to master the state of the art in the field of human-computer interaction, in particular :

  • Web, mobile and desktop technologies: their rapid evolution makes their technological mastery difficult and costly for industrial partners. Our mastery of these technologies positions us as a partner of choice for the development of projects with software components and user interfaces.
  • Wearable technology: Wearable devices that measure, digitize and store physiological indicators have applications in various fields, including medtech.
  • Multimodal interaction: we are exploring and developing technologies that allow interaction between humans and machines, using different modalities such as gestures, voice and, why not, in the longer term, thought..

The advent of so-called collaborative robotics advocates true collaboration between humans and robots to perform tasks by taking advantage of human skills that are difficult to automate, such as judgment and dexterity, and robot skills, such as efficiency and endurance.

We support you in two important areas of application:

  • Industrial collaborative robotics: we develop intelligent technologies based on the analysis of human gestures, postures and movements, in order to support you in the implementation of automation solutions and the empowerment of “socially responsible” production means. We are mainly interested in facilitating the programming of collaborative robots (programming by demonstration) and ensuring the physical safety of humans in their interactions and collaborations with robots.
  • Cooperative service robotics: we develop solutions based on the analysis of human emotional and physical states, in order to allow service robots to interact and assist people in the execution of tedious tasks. These solutions have a great potential of application in medical institutions.

Automation and empowerment of processes in various sectors require inter-system interaction and cooperation. In particular, the empowerment of industrial production equipment requires a strong interconnection and orchestration between various stations of the same production line.

We support you in your approach to empowering your means of production with our skills:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): instrumenting machines and environments using cyber-physical systems to capture and measure relevant indicators of the state of machines and processes, routing the captured data to data and service platforms.
  • Interconnection and interoperability: mastering technologies and standards that allow the interconnection and cooperation of heterogeneous systems such as machine tools.
  • Multi-agent system: standardize software architectures allowing the orchestration of tasks involving various production resources.
  • Cybersecurity: an essential prerequisite for any Industry 4.0 application. By combining standard technologies (cryptography) and avant-garde technologies (blockchain), we aim to become the cybersecurity “academic” reference in the Jura Arc.



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