Let’s GoGreen !

HE-Arc CR research unit is proud to be one the twelve institutions in the consortium of the Horizon 2023 project GoGreen “Green Strategies to Conserve the Past and Preserve the Future of Cultural Heritage”.

Over the course of four years, the GoGreen project will be investigating and shaping what greenconservation looks like for the future of our field.

But this is something we cannot do alone! The co-creative process will be open to all conservators and will be documented and shared.

Co-operate with us by answering our surveys !

Visit the website to know all about the project : www.gogreenconservation.eu.

Find all social media links in this paper.

Stay tuned, sign into the mailing list.

HE-Arc team on the project :

  • Edith Joseph, leader
  • Qing Wu, assistant
  • Patrycja Petrasz, assistant