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Institute of Cities and Regional Management (IMVT)

The mission of the Institute of Cities and Regional Management (IMVT) is to support the development of public, private, and associative organisations in relation to the jurisdiction they occupy.

Since the early 2000s, the IMVT has been carrying out mandates for these organisations, as well as applied research, financed by cantonal, national, and international research funds.

Areas of Activity

The main areas of activity of the IMVT are the economic, demographic, social, cultural, tourist and environmental development of regions and their public, private and associative organisations. The institute also integrates climate issues, energy transition and carbon accounting in its diagnoses and proposals.

Holistic approach of the Institute (IMVT)

To our knowledge, the IMVT is the only applied research institute in Switzerland which considers all public, private or associative organisations as an integral part of a region, whether it is sub-municipal, communal, cantonal or regional. It is at this intersection of the region and the organisations in which economic, social, cultural, logistical and environmental issues arise, and where solutions emerge, both to contribute to regional development and to the organisations occupying it. In principle, our intervention methods have two main stages: diagnosis and remedy.

Our multi-disciplinary team is highly skilled in the statistical, financial, qualitative, quantitative, social, and environmental diagnosis of regions and the companies and inhabitants located there. Since any issue can be summed up as an imbalance between human and non-human entities which make up the region (lack of information, financial leaks, destruction of resources, conflicts, etc.), any solution requires a strengthening of the co-operation between the said entities, including the environment. Our multidisciplinary skills in Social Sciences (Geography, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology), Strategy, Finance and Logistics enable us to put together globally adapted and concrete solutions based on the principle of co-operation.


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The Institute regularly works with the Research Group of Regional Economy (Groupe de recherche en économie territorial – GRET) of the University of Neuchâtel in the organisation of training courses and conferences dedicated to regional development. Although the missions of the IMVT and the GRET are different, they are complementary; the same theoretical basis unites these two institutes: the residential and presential economy.

Many local authorities and institutional organisations also collaborate regularly with the IMVT.


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