MAS in Watch Design

The Master of Advanced Studies in Watch Design (MAS-CH) allows you to master the new challenges related to watch movement and casing.


The MAS in Watch Design responds to the permanent evolution of research and development in watchmaking. It focuses on the study of watch movements, both electronic and mechanical, and on watch decoration.

This is the most advanced course dedicated to watch design.


The MAS-CH is composed of several theoretical (Tuesday evenings) and practical (Thursdays) modules that can be taken independently.

Theoretical modules

Module description

Theory of mechanical watchmaking20Damien Prongué (HE-Arc)17.09-19.11.2024
Introduction to mechanical engineering12Nicolas Déhon (Breitling)17.09-22.10.2024
Manufacture of watch components8Nicolas Déhon (Breitling)29.10-19.11.2024
Strength of materials16Jean-Daniel Lüthi (HE-Arc)26.11.2024-25.02.2025
Introduction to LEAN MANAGEMENT8Philippe Liscia (HE-Arc)26.11-17.12.2024
Barrel spring4Maurizio Tucci (Sellita)07-14.01.2025
History of watchmaking4Sylvain Varone (CPNE)18-25.02.2025

Module description

Microengineering components and processes8Florian Serex (HE-Arc)04-25.03.2025
Setting8Jean-Luc Helfer (ETA)04-25.03.2025
Flexible guides4Pascal Winkler (ETA)01-08.04.2025
New technologies4Pierre Cusin (Nivarox)01-08.04.2025
Interlocking construction elements12Christophe Guerry (HE-Arc)15.04-13.05.2025
Complications I6Sylvain Varone (CPNE)20-27.05.2025
Complications II6Alain Zaugg (Independant)27.05-10.06.2025

Module description

Electronic watches8Damien Prongué (HE-Arc)03.06-23.09.2025
Introduction to electronic construction8Vittorio Zanesco (ETA)10.06-23.09.2025
Integrated circuits8Cédric Barbelenet (CSEM)30.09-21.10.2025
Lavet motors8Jörg Berthoud (ETA)30.09-21.10.2025
Batteries6Yann Beaufils (Independant)28.10-11.11.2025
Quartz6Thierry Hessler (Micro Crystal)28.10-11.11.2025

Module description

Polymers8Irena Milosevic (hepia)18.11-09.12.2025
CVD and PVD coatings8Oksana Banakh (HE-Arc)18.11-09.12.2025
Ceramics8Ollivier Pujol (Rolex)16.12.2025-17.02.2026
Galvanic treatments8Pierre-Antoine Gay (HE-Arc)16.12.2025-17.02.2026
New materials8Andreas Blatter (PX group)24.02-17.03.2026
Precious metals8Tuomas Jalanti (Rolex)24.02-17.03.2026
Additive manufacturing4Eric Boillat (EPFL)24-31.03.2026
Watch tribology4Eric Rosset (hepia)24-31.03.2026

Module description

Oscillation theory16Jean-Daniel Lüthi (HE-Arc)14.04-09.06.2026
Connected watches16Dave Calame (HE-Arc)14.04-09.06.2026
Time-frequency4Pierre Thomann (Independant)16.06.2026

Practical modules

Module description

Movement construction 1136Alain Zaugg (Independant), Loïc Pellaton (Ulysse Nardin), Nicolas Déhon (Breitling), Damien Prongué (HE-Arc)19.09.2024-08.05.2025

Module description

Practical training24Sylvain Varone (CPNE)24.10-07.11.2024
Measurement of mechanical movements16Gilles Greub (HE-Arc)14-21.11.2024
LEAN MANUFACTURING workshop8Philippe Liscia (HE-Arc)23.01.2025
Watch simulations32David Weber (HE-Arc)20.02-13.03.2025
Interlocking construction32Christophe Guerry (HE-Arc)15.05-05.06.2025
Materials16Raymond Constantin (HE-Arc)11-18.12.2025

Module description

Complication design48Alain Zaugg (Independent)12.06-09.10.2025

Module description

Movement construction 280Alain Zaugg (Independant), Loïc Pellaton (Ulysse Nardin), Damien Prongué (HE-Arc), Romain Clivaz (Aleph Insight)16.10.2025-26.02.2026

Module description

Electronic motion measurement16Gilles Greub (HE-Arc)27.11-04.12.2025
Connected watch32Dave Calame (HE-Arc)21.05-11.06.2026

Module description

Finished watch72Stéphane Bourquin (hepia)05.03-14.05.2026

This continuing education program ends with a 300-hour Master’s thesis in a company, during which a teacher monitors and advises you.


You will be able to analyse and design a watch movement, whether mechanical or electronic, as well as the watch case.

Target Audience

The MAS-CH is intended for holders of a Bachelor of Science or equivalent (HES, EPF, University) degree in microengineering or in another field.

Holders of an ES diploma or equivalent may be admitted depending on the places available. Three years of professional experience must be proven.

Access to the MAS-CH is based on a dossier. Candidates are admitted definitively after validation by the Haute Ecole Arc on the basis of the qualifications obtained and, secondarily, of professional experience.

Degree Awarded

Master of Advanced Studies in Watch Design

Duration and Organization of Studies

Duration of studies

Part-time: 5 semesters


Neuchâtel, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle, Genève


This program is jointly organized by the Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie, the Haute Ecole du paysage, d’ingénierie et d’architecture de Genève (hepia) and the Convention patronale de l’industrie horlogère.


Next opening

20 September 2022

Registration deadline

31 May 2022


24 000 CHF


At the end of this MAS, you will master the new challenges related to the design of watch movements and watch cases. This will enable you to manage large-scale projects within the technical offices and R&D units of watchmaking companies.

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Head of MAS:
Damien Prongué
+41 32 930 13 80

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