Vision and Mission

The vision of HE-Arc Engineering is summed up in its slogan “Dare… Think… Do!”. These three words encapsulate the essence of the engineers which the school educates and the state of mind of its staff.

The missions of HE-Arc Engineering

HE-Arc Engineering graduates outstanding engineers, which are immediately operational, ready to integrate an external team. They are trained to respond to the technological requirements, while meeting the challenges of sustainability. HE-Arc engineers bring an innovative vision by developing solutions that take into account the role and diversity of users to ensure a regional competitive advantage.

HE-Arc Engineering offers certified and federally recognized continuing education trainings, as well as short trainings adapted to specific needs.

Thanks to its highly qualified staff and its state-of-the-art infrastructure, HE-Arc Engineering conducts applied research programs, ensures technology transfer and offers numerous services.

HE-Arc Engineering develops partnerships with higher education and research institutions at national, cross-border and international levels. It encourages exchanges of students, professors and researchers, with the aim of mutual enrichment.

HE-Arc Engineering contributes to economic development by integrating sustainable development issues into its training courses. It aspires to an equitable social organization that does not tolerate any kind of discrimination.