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Strategic Positioning

HE-Arc Ingénierie supports a globally unique industrial environment, developing directly applicable and applied research that closely reflects the region's economic and industrial fabric.

The results of this research are constantly incorporated into the teaching programmes delivered at HE-Arc Ingénierie.

Through its teaching programmes and research activities, it offers its partners a genuine technological intelligence platform designed to support their innovations and developments.

HE-Arc Ingénierie's strategic positioning is defined around four fields of activity corresponding to the principal design and production specializations encountered in the Swiss Jura Arc region, namely:

  • Smart & micro-manufacturing: solutions for flexible, adaptive and interconnected production facilities.
  • Smart sensing & digitalization: solutions incorporating the Internet of Things, interoperability and big data.
  • Watchmaking & industrial luxury: from product design to industrial performance.
  • Health & medical technologies: from implantable micro-system to the digitalization in the medtechs.

To reflect its strategic positioning, HE-Arc Ingénierie gives its customers access to know-how organised on the basis of 12 research groups. These skills are organised around projects.

HE-Arc Ingénierie wants to perpetuate its slogan "Dare...Think... Do!".

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