CAS in Embedded Security

The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Embedded Security (CAS-SE) allows you to acquire the methods and technologies that will help you develop secure, reliable and high-performance software and hardware applications in the fields of embedded systems and Internet of Things.


The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Embedded Security (CAS-SE) deals with the security of embedded software and hardware systems. 

Embedded applications require a short time to market, especially to integrate many innovative technologies in an interconnected world. Standard platforms, e.g. based on Linux, can be used to achieve these goals.

Embedded devices are becoming more and more present, miniaturized and need to make optimal use of available energy resources. Reliability, performance and energy consumption are increasingly important.


The study plan is structured in two tracks, which can be taken independently.

  • Embedded Linux
  • System-on-Chip
  • Reliability and security in embedded and mobile systems and the Internet of Things
  • Encryption principles and modern applications
  • Legal, forensic and risk management aspects
  • Attacks and mitigations

The final project at the end of the CAS allows you to put into practice and deepen one or more components of the program. This project is supervised by a teacher and supported by a specialist advisor. It is generally carried out within a company.


You will be able to understand the importance of integrating security into the product definition and development cycle by applying appropriate methodologies and practices.

Target Audience

This CAS is primarily intended for holders of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering (computer science, embedded systems, microengineering).

The program concerns professions related to embedded software and hardware development, although it may also interest integrators, project managers or general computer scientists.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree or an engineering diploma (ETS, HES, EPF) or an equivalent university degree.

Otherwise, admission decisions could be based on the quality of your application file, within the limits of the quota authorized by the HES-SO, if you have professional experience in the above fields.

Degree Awarded

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Embedded Security

Duration and Organization of Studies


Part-time: 5 months


Campus Arc 2, Neuchâtel


Next opening


Registration deadline



5 500 CHF


At the end of this CAS, you will be able to evolve within the company with new skills required to excel in Industry 4.0:  the Internet of Things, embedded, System-On-Chip, as well as the reliability and security of embedded, mobile and industrial applications.

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Responsable du CAS:
Marc Schaefer
+41 32 930 14 46

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