CAS in Rich Application Development

The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Rich Application Development (CAS-DAR) allows you to deepen your skills in advanced web development, mainly related to the digitalization of your company.


The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Rich Application Development (CAS-DAR) allows you to design and develop modern, rich, interactive and community-based web and mobile applications, by using modern frontend and backend frameworks, and processing data as web services.

This CAS is part of the Master of Advanced Studies in Rapid Application Development (MAS-RAD).


The CAS-DAR is composed of several modules that can be taken independently.

Introduction to the Web of data 26Julien Tscherrig (HEIA-FR)
Mobile Web Services38Aïcha Rizzotti (HE-Arc)
Advanced frontend development 41Mathias Oberson (external)
Frameworks55Damien Chappatte (HE-Arc),
Raphaël Emourgeon,
Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil
Modules of the CAS-DAR


You will be able to:

  • design and develop modern, rich, community-based web applications
  • design and develop interactive user interfaces
  • design, develop, deploy and maintain applications with various frameworks
  • create and deploy classic, web and mobile Web Services

Target Audience

This CAS is mainly intended for engineers without an IT degree; however, it could be of interest to experienced IT engineers wishing to evolve in the new community web technologies and in project management.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree or an engineering diploma (ETS, HES, EPF) in microengineering, mechanics, electronics, civil engineering or any other field or an equivalent university degree.

Otherwise, admission decisions could be based on the quality of your application file, within the limits of the quota authorized by the HES-SO.

Degree Awarded

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Rich Application Development

Duration and Organization of Studies


Part time: about 1 semester


Campus Arc 2, Neuchâtel


Next opening

18 April 2023

Registration deadline

22 March 2023


5 500 CHF


This CAS degree allows you to integrate enterprise data with web or mobile applications and to design and build powerful interfaces.

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Head of the MAS-RAD:
Marc Schaefer
+41 32 930 14 46
Head of the CAS-DAR:
David Grunenwald
+41 32 930 22 54

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