MicroLean Lab

The MicroLean Lab offers an experimentation platform for the Swiss Made industrial ecosystem in the fields of microtechnical manufacturing and Industry 4.0.


At the service of a community of interests formed by industrial partners, the MicroLean Lab develops and shares the vision of an autonomous, connected micro-factory that can be configured at will called to revolutionize the microtechnology industry.

The MicroLean Lab also aims at taking into account the new societal trend for responsible energy consumption and efficient production in an ecological and economical logic.

The experimentation of a new industrial imaginary at the service of a community of interests.


  • Standardisation: the selection of standards and their use for efficient data management is a common interest.
  • Transfer system: operations for the transfer and handling of materials, products and information in a complex and flexible multi-process environment.
  • Artificial Intelligence: labelling of data for relevant use, and provision of easy-to-use processing tools for the final users.
  • Smart Manufacturing: make the processes autonomous so that one can focus on the product and not on how to produce it.


In the framework of the MicroLean Lab, the proof-of-concept of an autonomous, connected micro-factory that can be configured at will is under construction.

MicroLean Lab Manager:
Florian Serex
+ 41 79 206 85 58