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Institute of Communication and Experiential Marketing (ICME)

The Institute of Communication and Experiential Marketing (ICME) supports private and public organisations and associations in the many challenges they face.

The institute’s activities include mandates and research in the fields of economics, media, and advertising.

Areas of Activity

The Institute’s areas of expertise are manifold:

With a specialisation in social networks and their uses (web and social network audits, digital strategy development and/or analysis, social network training, and more.)

Its challenges, changes and prospects concerning the arising questions of organisational information in the age of digital and content sharing.

Aiming to develop and promote marketing concepts and tools to the entire value chain of the Swiss watch industry: brands, suppliers, co-contractors, distributors, and other partners.

Techniques applied to measuring advertising impact and understanding buyer behaviour.

A helping hand in decision making: its contribution to health and ecological transition communication.

Design and management within different areas and activities.

Services for mandates

ICME offers two approaches to meet your marketing and communication needs:

The “classic” approach

  • Sectorial market studies
  • Image and awareness studies
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Analysis of marketing positioning
  • Customer profiling and segmentation
  • Digital strategies and social networks (community management and content)

The ‘experimental’ approach

  • Measurement of advertising impact (pre-test + post-test)
  • Optimisation of merchandising and point of sale communication
  • Analysis of the purchasing process for buyers
  • Optimising the attractiveness of shops and town centres
  • Scientific and objective evaluation of attention and emotions towards content in digital, commercials, product placement in video games, films, and series, etc.


All projects

Research Team

Multidisciplinary skills: economics, marketing, sociology, psychology, communication, and journalism.