Surface Engineering

In line with the expectations and needs of industrial partners, our expertise allows us to improve and optimize surfaces by influencing their design, the choice of materials and their properties.


Our expertise in surface engineering allows us to develop custom-made solutions for various applications.

For decorative and functional purposes: colored coatings, wear and corrosion protection, dry lubrication, biocompatibility, hydrophilic/hydrophobic functionalization.

According to a set of specifications, using vacuum deposition (PVD, CVD, ALD) and electrochemical treatments  (electroplating, anodisation, electropolishing).

Solving tribology problems, choice of materials and surface treatments.

Metallography, surface  topography, chemical composition analysis, mechanical, optical, tribological and corrosion tests.



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Group Leader:
Dr Oksana Banakh
032 930 25 20